The Recognition of Sakuntala: famous Sanskrit play written by Kalidasa. Kuntala: a waterfall associated with Sakuntala; Camille Claudel created a sculpture Shakuntala does anyone know where i could find a summary for “the recognition of Sakuntala”. Review Summaries; Source Rating Date Reviewer; Journal of Asian Studies. 2/1986.

His Abhijnanasakuntalam (The Recognition of Sakuntala) begins with the encounter between a great king and the. Paper Summary: An exploration of a passage in “The Recognition of Shakuntala” through the lense of rasa theory. The greatest of all ancient Indian playwrights is Kalidasa. Study Guide for Kalidasa: The Recognition of Sakuntala Kalidasa: Kalidasa: life and works A selection of articles related to the recognition of sakuntala – synopsis: The play depicts the legendary King Dushyanta, who falls in love with Shakuntala, the daughter of a.
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